2017 Best Catholic YouTube Channel Nominations!!!

Best Catholic YouTube Videos of 2017The 2017 My Catholic Tube ‘Best Catholic YouTube Channel’ Nominations are here. Got a favorite Catholic YouTube Channel? Got a favorite YouTuber who you think needs more exposure? Well, now it’s your time to submit your nomination(s) for your favorite ‘Distinctly’ Catholic YouTube Channel in the following categories:

  1. Best Catholic Channel by a Priest, Deacon, or Religious
  2. Best Catholic Channel by a Lay Man and/or Woman
  3. Best Catholic Apologetics Channel
  4. Best Catholic Evangelization Channel
  5. Best Catholic Vlog Channel
  6. Best Catholic News Channel
  7. Best Catholic University or High School/Grade School Channel
  8. Best Catholic Diocese or Parish Channel
  9. Best Overall Catholic YouTube Channel (NO NOMINATIONS – Most Total Votes Wins)

Nominations will be open from 9/10/2017 through 9/19/2017.  To submit your nomination, just type your nomination in the comment box below.  A successful nomination includes THREE ITEMS: (1) The Category or Categories (from the list above) that your submission(s) is/are being nominated for; (2) The name of the nominee’s YouTube Channel, and (3) The nominee’s YouTube URL or My Catholic Tube URL (Channel Link).


  1.  Best Catholic Diocese or Parish Channel
  2.  Saint Felicia Parish in Bye, Ohio
  3.  https://www.youtube.com/byefelicia/

Please nominate for as many categories as you’d like. Your nominee may fit into one or more categories, so nominate for any that fits what they are doing. If you need help finding a good nominee for any category, just use our categories in the footer below to identify a great pick.  The top six nominees in each category will move forward to the final voting round beginning on October 1, 2017.